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The portraits and stories for this exhibit have been done with the permission of the primary next of kin. It is a work in progress with the remaining portraits and stories being completed as families come forward.

To date we have not been able to locate all of the families and as a result not all the soldiers are included in the exhibit. We are committed to painting their portraits and writing their stories. Each exhibit will include more soldiers as families continue to come forward.

  • The Project Heroes® portraits are painted primarily from family photos.
  • The soldiers’ uniforms are added to show them as soldiers not civilians.
  • What may begin with a candid photo of a soldier relaxing on the beach or sharing a Christmas dinner with his/her family becomes a portrait filled with personality and alive with spirit.
  • The soldiers’ personal stories are based on anecdotes and information shared by the families. The stories are written by a team of volunteer professional writers and rewritten into French by professional volunteer translators.

How Your Soldier’s Portrait and Story Will be Displayed

  • Your soldier’s portrait and story will be displayed in a Canada-wide 10-city tour to show Canadians the real people behind the uniform.
  • Your soldier’s portrait, story, photos, videos, letters, poetry, art etc. will be included in their personal profile on the Project Heroes® website. This is a way for school children and those who can’t see the exhibit to get to know the people who served our country.

How to Get Your Soldier’s Portrait Painted, Story Written and Profile Created

The portraits and stories are done only with the permission of the primary next of kin.

If you have not yet heard from Project Heroes® it is because we have not been able to locate you. The military does not release personal information.

If you would like your soldier’s portrait painted and story written please contact us!

  1. Call 780-662-3088 or email for information.
  2. Begin looking for photos that show your soldier looking straight ahead, slightly to the side or even a 3/4 view. The larger the photo the better we can capture the details.
  3. We will interview you via phone to get a good sense of who your soldier was. The interview will be passed along to one of our writers who will create a story that will hang beside your soldier’s portrait at the exhibits and be included in his/her profile on our website.
  4. Look for photos of your soldier at various ages that help to show the kind of person he or she was, what they liked to do and that gets across a sense of their personality.
  5. If you have videos of your soldier feel free to share them with us, they can be part of his/her online profile. Letters your soldier wrote, poetry or art can all be shared too.