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Canada in Afghanistan: The Faces and Stories of Sacrifice

Project Heroes provides a deeper understanding of the Canadian soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Afghanistan conflict. Get to know these soldiers through their eyes, photographs, videos, letters and their poetry. Get to know them through their stories, individual portraits and the larger paintings that express the loss endured by their comrades and families. 

Exhibit Content

1. Ten roll up banners approximately 82”H x 33”W.

  • Three banners will be in the vicinity of the tree to introduce the exhibit and recognize sponsors, donors and volunteers.
  • Five banners outline Canada’s role in military conflict over the past 100 years.
  • Two banners name all the soldiers who died in Afghanistan (this is being done for those whose families cannot be located) and asks and answers the questions of who is a Canadian soldier and what compels him or her to join the military and sign on for future tours.

2. 79 Framed Portraits 

  • The portraits are 18H x 14W framed with Canadian made 3 inch wood frames.
  • Framed size is 24H x 20W.

3. Each soldier’s story.

  • Each soldier’s portrait is accompanied by his/her story (in both English and French) to be displayed on the wall beside or beneath portraits.
  • 8.5H x 11W.

4. Four large paintings

  • Five panel painting 6 x15 feet depicts WW1, WW2, Korean, peacekeeping and the Afghanistan war.
  • Three panel painting 6 x 9 feet represents the families and community.
  • Three panel painting 6 x 9 feet represents the wounded both physically and mentally.
  • Two panel painting 6 x 6 feet honours those who suffer from PTSD and those who take their own lives.
  • The paintings can be hung on the wall or set on H-frame easels. Thirteen easels total.

5. Four stands holding 17”H x 11”W posters describing the above paintings.

6. Multi-media/Big Screen TV

  • Video revealing soldiers' perspective of Afghanistan through their photographs of life on the base, on patrol and interacting with the Afghan people. 


The exhibit requires a minimum of 160 - 175 linear feet if the portraits are double hung or 260 linear feet if hung in one row. The exhibit may be adapted for smaller spaces by eliminating some elements. A hanging system and appropriate lighting for the portraits is needed. Requires installation by venue staff.